Blunder While Preaching

2 min readDec 18, 2020


New scientist — a world famous magazine recently came up with their courses namely ``biggest mysteries of the cosmos” ( costly one). I saw the preview and one of its topics is the joy of exploring the universe — sound scientific.

Anchor (scientist) speaks the following line :

We know few things about the universe. Cosmology let us ask the biggest mysteries of the universe. Modern cosmology we have learned a lot - Big bang, Darwin’s theory of natural selection I think did happened


How scientist are preaching atheism in a very subtle manner. So the point is the other side is using science as a tool to propagate their agenda.

Science does not have any identity. It can be mold the way the pattern is. Atheists are using it well. We are on the losing side. Therefore we should learn from them.

Deserving appreciation not criticism

Other side are creating world class content beautifully segmented. They have interesting and eye catching titles. We can learn from them. Learning rather than criticism is what is needed, that is what is called competitive analysis. To understand your competitor…..

All knowledge comes from Krishna. The atheistic planet is stealing the knowledge, but doesn’t give credit to the supreme father Krishna. We have to reconnect their consciousness to Krishna so that everyone appreciates and acknowledges the source.

When we say science vs spirituality

We are strengthening the other side. But the truth is, science is colorless and it can be mixed with any color. Why not the color of spirituality.

Science in simple definition : the study of natural phenomena around us.

If something is beneficial even we cant prove its state of truth like in the case of axioms is it not evident in itself that it is truth. meditation( peace of mind), positive attitude and many other are the immediate benefit of spirituality, that proves that existence of God is a fact.

“the role of faith in shaping science pervasive and an extremely important one. scientist are made to believe in concepts, just like spiritualists are “- said by Alan Lightman.

so spirituality have deep impact on our though, phycology and attitude.

So its not about science vs spirituality rather science in spirituality.

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