What should be Our Expectations as Preacher ?

1 min readJan 6, 2021


What should be our expectations as a preacher …

Since preaching has been brought to the internet. Though I am picking cases from the internet, it is equally important for offline preaching. This short article is nothing but an attempt to express my views on the mindset with which we should approach preaching. These views are the remnants of my siksha gurus.

Here are some points on what should be the mindset of a preacher:

  1. We are doing very important work even if we are not in limelight. That doesn’t mean that we won’t get more views. If we enhance our knowledge, teaching ability, follow sets of formulas, follow principles then we will surely get more views.

2. Our content is suitable for a particular audience not the masses. Though gradually it will reach masses and people will accept.

3. Education is not for free, even money is removed from the picture, still it is not free.

4. Cater to those who come to us : even if you have attracted 100 people on the internet still we can’t cater to them. We should be smart enough on whom we are investing our time.

5. Our Hare Krishna Movement is one to one preaching movement. Man power should be taken into consideration.

Maturity is to understand the value of every new person getting attracted to our content




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